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Wright Guard specializes in supplying security professionals to commercial buildings, shopping plazas, construction sites and numerous other venues. Our guards are trained to use fire life safety systems, access control applications, and CCTV equipment. They have exceptional customer service skills and are dressed in professional attire.

The CEO of Wright Guard has taught over a thousand hours of First Aid, CPR, Anti Terrorism to security personnel and civilians in the the Bay Area.

Active Shooter Training

In today's society, active shooter incidents are continuing to occur. According to APEX OFFICER website, 42% of active shooter incidents occurred at businesses. Preparation is the key to prevention and survival during an active shooter incident. Specialized training is essential in responding to a scenario involving a violent intruder at a worksite. Individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically. Noble and Wright offers one of the most extensive active shooter courses available. With years of experience, our military trained, law enforcement instructors are the best in the business. Please check out our WG Academy Tab for more details. 

Armed and Unarmed Security

Wright Guard

Armed security guards are one of the most effective means of securing your valuable assets and protecting what is most important to you. Wright Guard armed security are well trained professionals. They have received the highest level of training required by the State of California.


Unarmed security guards act as a preliminary defense system, prior to police involvement. Wright Guard unarmed security officers are recruited based on their professionalism, enthusiasm and people skills. They have the necessary training required by State of California and meet or exceed the state standards.

Event Security

Special event security is need specific and different every time. Wright Guard will work closely with your organization to ensure that your special event remains safe and runs seamlessly. We will strategically plan and implement a customized security detail designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of  your unique venue. Wright Guard security officers are highly trained and licensed. Reliable, professional, and ability to adapt and react in a dynamic setting. Wright Guard will provide you with the assurance that your special event will be a success when it is of the extreme importance.

Executive Protection

When it comes to executive protection no body does it better. Wright Guard will provide the personal protection specialists and licensed security guards you require, whenever and wherever the need arises. Our Close Protection Operators (CPO) will discreetly assure the safety of high-profile clients, executives, and their families while at home, abroad, or at their place of business. 

Private Security

In today's world, we are seeing large increases in the crime rate. While there are many reasons why we are seeing a rise in theft, property damage and violent crime. Investing in preemptive measures to prevent theft and vandalism up front is the key to surviving in retail, construction, and the commercial industries today. Wright Guard Security can provide security for any property where you need to protect your investments or employees.  Whether it is a private residence, retail establishment or large campus we have a security solution for you. 

Self-Defense Tools

To avoid being victimized, self-defense tools are essential for your protection.

There are a wide variety of non-lethal self-defense tools on the market, from mace or pepper spray to stun guns, allowing you to choose the most appropriate weapon for your needs and circumstances. We offer a huge selection of high quality self-defense and security products which are affordable for you, your family, home and business.

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