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Security Service in Bay Area

Wright Guard Security is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a local Security Service Firm that has been providing high quality services to commercial, industrial, construction and residential properties throughout Northern California.  We provide 24-hours a day security services 365 days a year.  We provide you with Field Supervision and scheduling services to ensure you have a worry free solution for your security services.  If there is a problem in the field, our highly experienced field supervision team along with our seasoned scheduling department are ready to help.  Whether you are calling during business hours or after hours someone is always available to assist you.  


Our field supervision team is paired with the latest in technology to help them be at peak efficiency. This includes providing them with GuardTek devices, a state of the art communication and guard management device. Our field supervisors also have up to the second scheduling information, so you will never be without security services.  


Our Mission Is Security

Our standard practice is to exceed your expectations and meet your needs. Whether we are providing devoted Security Officers for your site or you are dealing with our dedicated Management Team, our ability to produce tested results over time has allowed us to be where we are today. Our business relationships are built on trust, honesty and integrity.  We pride ourselves on doing business amicably and respectfully. Our values always include providing a safe, professional work environment as we aim to positively impact our clients and the communities we serve.  We value each and every one of our clients and are optimistic that our security services will exceed your expectations. We are confident that our security guards and private patrol will provide you the best service in the Bay Area. 


We at Wright Guard recognizes the importance of following federal and state regulations pertaining to COVID-19 safety. We are providing our clients with various access control screening solutions to ensure maximum safety. We are currently offering our clients COVID-19 specific security service measures such as social distancing enforcement, face mask enforcement, maximum occupancy enforcement, and temperature screening. Our security guards and private patrol will ensure your business has the highest level of protection. We also offer Raptor Technology and Lobby Guard Solutions to our clients in order to assist with COVID-19 contact tracing.

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